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Custom Design


C U S T O M   D E S I G N

Whether it is newsworthy media junket gifts, start-of production gifts, wrap gifts, merchandise sets to promote a product launch, holiday gifting, or giveaways people love, our team of designers create impactful gifts that bring brands to life. We handle all aspects of the gifting process - design, sourcing, custom packaging, and distribution.  

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C U S T O M   G I F T I N G

Sending a special gift to thank your clients that strikes the right chord with your audience can be challenging, but you are in luck because it is our specialty! Custom gifts often include some branded pieces and some carefully selected items for a gift that is on-brand, memorable, and functional. 

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O N - B R A N D   P A C K A G I N G

Presentation is everything, but executing it beautifully and efficiently can be challenging. Our team of experts has solutions for all of your needs when it comes to gifting. We will make sure your packaging fits your brand so your gifts are loved and remembered.

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F U L L - S E R V I C E   F U L F I L L M E N T

Designing and conceptualizing great gifts is only half the battle. Running around town, sourcing from multiple vendors, and then assembling it all is most definitely the other half. Salt & Pepper Gifts, Inc., can help you get your gifts delivered in style. We are experts in full-service fulfillment, from warehousing to on-brand packaging and collateral, to packing, shipping, and delivery. 

Fresh Flowers.jpg

F R E S H   F L O R A L

If you live in Los Angeles and want to order a gift with fresh flowers, we can help you. Adding fresh floral to any gift adds an extra special touch and brings an element of life to each gift. Our team will design an arrangement that fits the box and for the occasion. We currently offer three different arrangments sizes - small, medium, and large. Our small arrangments are $50, a medium is $75, and our large is $100.  

Custom Wrapping Paper.jpg

G R A P H I C   D E S I G N

Our in-house graphics team is here to help every step of the way. We create modern, stylish graphics that fit with your brand standards. We have in-depth experience using a variety of innovative decoration techniques to make your gifts extra special while reinforcing your brand. A few of our specialties include custom wrapping paper, custom cards, laser engraving, and monogramming. 

Laser Engraving.jpg

L A S E R   E N G R A V I N G

Are you looking for a way to stand out and be different? We love laser engraving our signature wooden boxes! It adds a special touch of elegance and, so your brand is remembered. All of our wooden boxes are reusable and can be used for storing keepsake and memorabilia. There is a one-time set-up fee and then per box impression cost. Contact us to learn more.